My Career Story

With the help of my parents I started my first company in my bedroom at 16, sold it, and founded Micfo, a privately-owned infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider. I am the CEO.

I’m Amir Golestan. And This is My Story.

This blog is my story about: extortion, seduction, indictment, bankruptcy, racial and religious bias, and worst of all, greed holding my children captive. They expected me to fold. To give up. What they have all underestimated is my devotion to my...

About Me

Born to a Loving Family I was born February 22, 1983 to a close-knit and loving Muslim family in Esfahan, Iran (which was the capital of Persia from 1598-1722). My family name, Golestan, means “land of flowers.” When I was three my parents moved our...


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