Helping Every Loving Parent [HELP]

Maria Averill’s Victims Coming Forward

South Carolina guardian ad litem, Maria Averill, has caused irreparable harm to many parents and their children. Her victims are now speaking out. In fact, as one of the victims and her teen-aged daughter read the stories, each was gripped by how...

Helping Every Loving Parent (HELP)

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! I don’t know how I could have made through all this without the love and support of my family and friends. This is the first step in our creating community around Helping Every Loving Parent (HELP) to...

I’m Amir Golestan. And This is My Story.

This blog is my story about: extortion, seduction, indictment, bankruptcy, racial and religious bias, and worst of all, greed holding my children captive. They expected me to fold. To give up. What they have all underestimated is my devotion to my...


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