False Accusations Against Amir Golestan

Disgraced Former Micfo Employees Made False Accusations, Resulting in FBI Investigation

This is the fifth post in this 6 part series, telling the story of my Victimless Indictment…When disgraced former Micfo employees made false accusations, resulting in FBI investigation.

May 29, 2018

… was the day that Victoria Latham met with the FBI and SA Matt Pinto to report on Micfo’s alleged illegal activities.

Interestingly, she, along with fellow disgraced employee Erinn Larkin began making unauthorized copies of Micfo’s confidential information in March/April 2018.

Why were neither of them concerned enough to contact law enforcement agencies until so much later? Could it have anything to do with being served demand letters? Or that I refused to respond to what my attorneys deemed as an attempt at extortion by Victoria Latham and her boyfriend Shayne Estes?

To be clear: it was only after Micfo denied an extortion request to meet me over coffee and after Victoria and Erinn ignored Micfo’s demand letters to return the stolen material that they reported Micfo’s alleged illegal activities to the FBI. Interestingly, they looted all this information and only God knows what they did with it until a full 3 months before going to the FBI. What kind of person steals proprietary information and trade secrets, does whatever they want with it for 3 months and then report the people they stole it from to the FBI? Sounds like quite the case of projection to me.

July 9, 2018

… was the day that I discussed this matter with my attorney Bart Daniel, Esq. when he decided to reach out to Department of Justice to see if there was any ongoing investigation into myself or Micfo.

Our suspicion was confirmed; there was a preliminary investigation. Victoria had planned to make false claims to the FBI when she suggested to meet or elseI will pursue an avenue that I do not wish to, but will ”.

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Could it be that there was an orchestrated effort by Victoria, Erinn and a number of other disgraced employees to meet with the FBI to provide false and factually inaccurate testimonies?

More on this to come, but for now I’ll provide this example: On June 25, 2018, Micfo terminated another employee, Paul Fleming, for getting into an altercation with its CTO and for insulting and name-calling of a number of other employees. On the very same day he was fired, Paul Fleming filed a corporate fraud complaint with the FBI claiming that Micfo was, allegedly, falsifying articles of incorporation while using a network of shell companies hiding assets to avoid taxation. One may wonder why didn’t Mr. Fleming report Micfo during the course of his employment, but only after he was terminated.

Here’s the kicker: Victoria’s attorney, Barrett Brewer (more on him later and his involvement with Marie Louise Ramsdale), had in fact reached out to Paul Fleming and other former employees, encouraging them to join in their efforts against Micfo. See Paul’s email here.

July 10, 2018

… was the day that Bart Daniel reached out on my behalf to the FBI.

I had nothing to hide and wanted to meet with the FBI as soon as possible to assist them with their investigation.

The FBI agreed to interview me on July 18, 2018 and proposed a proffer agreement, which against counsel’s advice, I ultimately decided not to execute. I considered that proffer agreement to be an admission to guilt. See the actual proffer agreement here.

In the July 18, two-hour interview, I provided information concerning my business activities, datacenter operations, infrastructure, the name of each channel partner and the alias associated with each entity, the role of IP addresses and my dealings with ARIN.

You can read the whole report of the interview (called a “302”) here. The FBI also requested Micfo’s and our channel partners financials, which we provided in full on August 28, 2018.

FBI Closed Its Investigation into Micfo and Golestan

September 17th, 2018 was the day that the FBI informed my counsel they were closing the case and would not be opening a formal investigation into either me, or Micfo.

To Recap…

The FBI decided to close their investigation despite having full knowledge of the following:

  1. The ongoing dispute between Micfo and former employees Erinn Larkin and Victoria Latham;
  2. All allegations made by Latham in her counterclaims (i.e. money laundering, tax evasion, illegal activities, ARIN, shell companies, aliases, etc.);
  3. A formal complaint/tip from Micfo employee Paul Fleming to the FBI concerning corporate fraud allegation, concealment of assets and tax evasion;
  4. Other allegations made during interviews with other Micfo employees;
  5. All the materials Larkin/Latham had illegally copied;
  6. Micfo’s operations, financials, channel partners, aliases, fictitious names, IP addresses and our dealings with ARIN.

Once the FBI closed the case, some interesting things happened!

  • Erinn Larkin and Victoria Latham became eager to settle our litigation as they could no longer claim “whistleblower protection”;
  • They finally agreed to allow Micfo to conduct a forensic analysis of their personal email and computer devices.

What does endless vindictiveness look like?

Victoria Latham’s vindictive actions did not stop there. After the FBI closed their investigation into myself and Micfo, Victoria got involved and began collaborating with ARIN and my estranged wife Kristin M. Golestan, both of which I was/am actively involved in litigations. More on that in upcoming posts.

Does any of this timing seem self-serving at all? Could there be anything fishy going on in terms of trading or selling stolen confidential and proprietary information? 

What do you think? Please scroll down to the comments below to share your point of view on this curious situation.

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