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Is Maria Averill Trying To Silence Public Records?

Something curious happened yesterday and, as I promised you, my friends and family, I’m keeping you up to date with this, my true story of my heartfelt desire for the reclamation of my precious children, Sky and Ford, from a situation that raises a lot of red flags for me as a loving and concerned parent.

Maria Averill, an attorney and the assigned Guardian Ad Litem for my children, asked the Court to arrest me for telling the truth and sharing it here, on our family’s communication hub for this distressing situation.

Interestingly, without producing a single shred of evidence or any witnesses, she’s accused me of doing a lot of nasty crimes. Much more on that below and in future posts, I assure you, but please have a look at this very important cornerstone of the American Justice System in all 50 states for decades now.

There’s so much to say here, but please know that every single document I’m sharing with you is 100% verifiable and Public Record.

Public Records are any information or documents that are made by a government agency or officer and are required by law to be kept and maintained.

Public Libraries

“It’s a matter of Public Record” is the Gold Standard of Truth

I have to wonder, in what country did Maria Averill get her law degree? Because here in the United States, Public Records are maintained and furnished by law and are considered the gold standard of truth.

Every document I have shared and will continue to provide in the future is covered by the Freedom of Information Act. It is Public Record obtained through lawful channels, just like any other law respecting citizen.

How is it that the Freedom of Information Act is now somehow up for grabs to serve one person’s mysterious interests?

Why This Matters To All of Us

When somebody flouts the laws protecting our Democracy, our Justice System, to serve their own ends instead of the very system they’ve sworn to uphold and defend, we all lose something vital, something worth protecting, worth fighting for. Countless dedicated lawyers and activists have gotten us to where we are today, where Public Records are so readily accessible by the common person. It’s a hallmark of this great country of ours. I have to wonder… why? Why risk it?

Baseless Accusations

Maria Averill is repeatedly accusing me of hacking her computers, stealing “sealed records,” defaming her, threatening her physically, and so much more (read it all here.)

How is it that because of a bunch of unfounded, slanderous lies, Maria Averill insists on getting me jailed? I have to wonder. Read her affidavit here.

Among many other false allegations, Maria Averill claims that I have infiltrated court systems and have obtained documents from “sealed” files.

This is patently false. As demonstrated in this blog post, Maria Averill improperly inserted herself in my federal case by providing various false testimonies to the FBI. In doing so, she made herself a witness in my federal proceeding. 

As part of our defense strategy, my criminal defense attorney, Andy Savage, has hired various private investigators to conduct research and background checks on all of the witnesses the government have set forth. This is a normal procedure that any good defense attorney will employ. One of the private investigators began looking into Maria Averill’s conduct and began compiling all relevant documents. This private investigator obtained various family court documents related to Maria Averill. One of these documents was the divorce proceeding file of Maria Averill’s husband, Nathan John Averill versus his ex-wife, Alyssa Simmons. 

Maria Averill alleges that we have illegally obtained medical records of her stepchildren.

Again, this is patently false. The pediatrician’s letter to the Department of Social Services and Dee Norton Child Advocacy interview of her stepchildren are not medical records. Further, they were included as exhibits in the divorce proceeding file of Alyssa Simmons vs. Nathan John Averill. The investigator followed proper channels and obtained the alleged “sealed” files directly from Charleston Family Court. If the files were allegedly sealed, the court clerk would not provide them to our private investigator. Instead, they are easily obtainable by anyone who does their homework. How could it be that Maria Averill, an attorney, would not realize that every document here is, in fact, a matter of Public Record?

Below is the copy of the receipt Charleston County Civil Courts gave our investigator. It even shows that the domestic file of Alyssa Simmons vs. Nathan Averill was obtained on 9/24/2019, prior to the emergency motion Maria Averill filed on November 7th, 2019.

Please see the receipt below:


Is Maria Averill intentionally insulting the Integrity and Intelligence of the Charleston Family Court?

I can’t say, but some other things come to mind that I’d love your thoughts on:


There’s not a single shred of evidence to support any of these horrible things she’s alleging about me. Nada. Nothing. I’m not a lawyer, but isn’t this required before asking for somebody to be arrested? I mean, you have to be able to prove something bad happened before you go alleging like it’s an accepted fact. None of these vicious accusations are true about me. I explored this very question of Burden of Proof here.

Assuming foul play while providing absolutely no evidence of any kind. Name-calling, only this is for the highest stakes of all: time with my children and the threat of jail time for… sharing my story, my experiences, and Public Records as documentary evidence on this very website.


Could it be that the guardian was knowingly acting in bad faith, and pushed the attorneys to sign a consent order of no recordings of professionals, so that there would be no trace of her conduct? As is evident in the recordings, Maria Averill knowingly gave false testimony to the FBI. [addressing paragraph 15 of her motion.]

In another incident, Sky (my six-year-old son) told the guardian that his mommy, Kristin Golestan told him “Daddy is going before a judge in month of November because he was so mean to momma.” Let’s listen to this directly from Sky:

Guess what did Maria Averill do to safeguard the children she’s charged with protecting? Nothing! More on that in upcoming blog posts.

Truth is my only Resource. Recordings are my only protection. And it’s terrifying them.

If I didn’t have these recordings I could not have protected myself and my innocent children from the guardian’s malicious conduct. There are countless more recordings that I will share in due time, which will shock you. Stay tuned.

There’s so much more to explore here, but I thank you, my friends and family, from the bottom of my heart, for your kind and gracious support as I navigate this journey towards reclaiming time with my children and my good name.

As so many of you have reminded me, Truth will out. It always does.

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Amir Golestan with His Boys at Home

Please scroll down to the comments below and share your point of view on this shocking situation. And again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! I don’t know how I could have made through all this without the love and support of my family and friends. This is the first step in our creating community around Helping Every Loving Parent (HELP) to spend time with their children. Every story is important.

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  • This is Amir’s mother. I’ve been always by Amir’s side from the moment you were involved in Amir and Kristin’s divorce and my grandchildren’s life. I saw how much my son is suffering being away from his children and not getting any supports from you despite all the evidences he had as an involved and loving father. The love his kids have for him was evident and you were aware of how much SKY was happy to see his DAD and how much he was crying when he was leaving his DAD – so much of love and evidences of SKY’s attachment to his father. You witnessed all of that at his house any time you did a home visit. As a mother I’m asking you:

    – Are you not a mother yourself?
    – Do you not believe in God?
    – Do you not believe in karma?

    It’s so disappointing that you were just planning to break Amir’s relationship instead of bridging the relationship between all four of them. A good guardian would have bridged the relationship between the parents and their children.

    All along you have been planning against AMIR in continuation according to all the supporting evidences he has got. The world is round. Whatever you put in it will come back to you at some point. Good or bad. May it be.

  • In 1966, Noam Chomsky wrote: “The Responsibility of Intellectuals,” is “to speak the truth and expose lies,”. I do not see myself as an intellectual but I see the truth as the main quality one should have to be considered an intellectual. ”

    I am wondering: why she is trying to silence you? What is she losing sleep over? Is it her conduct and that her true color is being revealed? Keep disclosing their evil deeds and fight the good fight. Fighting the system and it’s corruption is well overdue.

  • I really hope they do issue an arrest warrant as it will bring more attention to the site which I am sure it is exactly your point of approach by creating this site. It will be fascinating to watch. Hopefully, the South Carolina media who was so in love with writing negative articles about you will have more writing material since now they have more hurtful ammunitions. Bless your heart brother and keep fighting the good fight. We all watching #OneLove

  • This is absurd. How can the guardian call to jail you because you are revealing all the public records on her – yet can’t you call her out on her illegal conduct and what she has done to your innocent children?!

Written by Amir Golestan


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