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Kristin Golestan, Fully Staffed Yet Overwhelmed Mother

This is the fourth post in this 5 part series, that takes a close look at what my marriage to Kristin Mehera Leiter Golestan was like. I’m sharing my experiences and evidence, all of which has already been shared with the Charleston Family Court, in hopes that it will show just how much Sky and Ford need to be with a stable parent, their loving Father, instead of a mother who is not up to the job of solo parenting.

Dream Life

Kristin’s lifestyle was something you’d see on TV. An American Dream. Age 33, beautiful, no need to work, daily housekeepers to cook, clean, organize and manage the household, a full-time nanny for our two children–although Sky was at Ashley Hall School every day form 7:30am-3pm and Ford was in nursery. Yet, she was an overwhelmed mother.

Planning for the future?

In the year before we divorced, Kristin added a private chef, personal assistant, and had trainers, hair dressers and manicurists coming to the house. I knew nothing about these people. I thought we were already overstaffed with the nanny and housekeepers. Her wanna-be-Hollywood extravagance turned out to be well-calculated though. As I would find out.

Bottom line? All Kristin had to do was manage her staff and be a mother to her children. But that was her biggest problem.

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Overwhelmed Mother

Kristin’s complaining about the children was way beyond the occasional overwhelm that every mother or father may feel from time to time. She wasn’t going through postpartum depression, or a rough patch. Her feelings about motherhood were a constant battle that the children and I had to endure.

Reliance on Psychics

One of Kristin’s psychics, Jane Horvitz, said that it felt as though Kristin liked being a stay-at-home mom. In her response, Kristin used some of these phrases:

SometimesIt’s so numbingI go crazy… feel like I’m sort of — have a block in meI don’t know why that’s so exhausted, why I don’t have that with them anymore.”

Let’s hear this directly from Kristin:

Kristin’s reliance on psychics wasn’t something new; since the beginning of our marriage she’s heavily depended on getting all sort of advices from her psychics. Kristin religiously believed everything they said to the extend she’d record her conversations with the psychics in a form of “digital note” so that she could refer back to them.

Her interaction with her psychics became very concerning when Kristin sought advice on how to raise our children, asking for prediction on children’s health, and inquiring about which hospital and/or doctor she should take our children. She would openly ask her psychics to “tap” into our innocent children. You can see countless other examples here.


Mid-divorce, Kristin decided to move Sky out of Ashley Hall school, where he’d been for 3 years.

I thought this was a terrible idea. His life was already upside down, moving between houses and sharing his time between parents. So why add, to all of that, a new school, new classmates, a new environment and new friends? What Sky really needed was stability, all the stability he could get.

But Kristin had custody. There was nothing I could do about her choice of schools. Later I realized that it was because Sky’s teachers and Ashley Hall faculty refused to tag along with Kristin’s fabricated lies and instead, wanted to stay neutral and only advocate for what’s in the best interest of Sky. Kristin didn’t like that.

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Farmed Out

When Ford was only 2, Kristin decided he had to go to a nursery. Why? I asked her. Typically, people put their little children into childcare when they have to, because they are working a full-time job, or have a house full of kids that makes it impossible to care properly for the youngest ones.

A 2-year old is still a baby

Ford was much too young to be away from home for hours every day. I insisted to Kristin that he needed to be the little kid he was, getting all the love and nurturing he could soak up, happily at home with his mommy and daddy. It didn’t seem to matter to her that Ford would only be a little child for a couple short years. And when I volunteered to take care of Ford at home, Kristin refused.

The GAL wouldn’t listen

I asked Maria Averill, the Guardian ad Litem, to intervene. She refused too (more on that in an upcoming post.)

The Name of the Game? Custody

The South Carolina family court gave custody of our children to Kristin. The court handed her the final say in all matters related to them.

I filed a motion before the Charleston Family Court, pleading to be able to give Sky the stability he needed. Judge Gordon B. Jenkinson denied my motion. (Look out for more in upcoming posts regarding how Judge Jenkinson sided with Kristin Golestan.)

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Much More To The Story

Kristin’s extravagant on-call staff con game meant that her monthly expenses for the 12 months before our divorce proceedings were sky high.

Is the Charleston, South Carolina Family Court System Broken?

Instead of considering all of our expenses and income throughout the course of our marriage, or even over the prior three years, Judge Timothy Pogue, who presided over our separation and custody litigation, based his decisions solely on the 12 months prior to the hearing.

And that is why the court awarded her $25,000 per month in alimony plus $50,000 a month in maintenance and support. I had to come up with $75,000 A MONTH, plus $650,000 towards her attorney fees at a time when my business was almost going under.

So she can have her nails done at home instead of in the salon?

Does any of this make sense?

Why does Kristin Golestan, who spent months barely coming home because she was out with her lover, who pretended to be studying as a cover for her affair, who has frequently complained that caring for children is a “beyond 24/7 job”… As an overwhelmed mother, why does she now want to have full custody? You can see a fraction of Kristin’s documented complaints about being a mother here.

Why, after all the years she used me as the full-time caregiving parent and sole breadwinner, is she doing everything she can to push me out of the equation? What is the purpose in depriving our children of a loving and caring father who has always been there for every event, from brushing their teeth to health scares to birthday parties?

Finally and most importantly:

Why has the Charleston Family Court awarded custody of my children to an overwhelmed mother who has struggled with addiction and with being an engaged, supportive mother?

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Could it be that there’s some corruption afoot? I simply can’t understand this conflicting realities. What do you think is going on here?

Amir Golestan on His Birthday with Ford

Please scroll down to the comments below and share your point of view on this outrageous situation. And again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! I don’t know how I could have made through all this without the love and support of my family and friends. This is the first step in our creating community around Helping Every Loving Parent (HELP) to spend time with their children. Every story is important.

Footnote: I’m telling my story, sharing this intimate evidence, to shine the light of truth on how the Charleston Family Court has allowed my children to be harmed, deprived of a loving father, and used as ransom. There is no evidence of any unloving, ungenerous, irresponsible behavior on my part – ever. I want to rescue my boys and to be the loving, stable father they need in their lives. Is this asking too much?

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