Confessing To Conspiracy: Kristin Golestan’s Cozy Lies to the FBI

A Series of Entangling Events

On August 30th, 2019, my former attorney, Jim McLaren, Esq. and Jerry Theos, Esq., attorney for Kristin Mehera Leiter Golestan encouraged Kristin and I to meet in an attempt to resolve our disputes. Kristin suggested that we meet at the Thoroughbred Bar at the Belmond Charleston Place, a favorite meeting place for us during our marriage. The plan was for us to settle the family court litigation we were then engaged in privately, between ourselves, avoiding further interaction with and costs for our respective attorneys. My attorney advised me to proceed with caution.

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Settlement Discussions

Since the day that Kristin filed for divorce on December 14th, 2018, I had reached out to her multiple times, directly and through attorney, asking that we meet to settle. I pleaded to her that, for the interests of our children and to preserve our marital assets, it was best that we reach a settlement between ourselves and not waste millions of dollars in attorney fees. Kristin and her attorneys refused every single time, alleging that I have millions of dollars in hidden assets. To this date, no one has been able to prove this bizarre claim, because it doesn’t exist. (More on that in an upcoming story).

It was suspicious indeed that 9 months later Kristin suddenly wanted to meet with me privately and settle. Given the countless false allegations she had alleged in her pleadings, I decided to record our conversations to protect myself. And from legal stand point, it was perfectly normal because in South Carolina it’s a one-person consent state when it comes to recording conversations.

“You may not record or share conversations that you are not a part of without the consent of at least one party.”

South Carolina Recording Laws

But let’s go back a little more to give you the proper context for this suspicious turn of events referenced above.

June 3, 2019: Cozy With The FBI

Kristin showed up at my Arraignment hearing (read the story here), with her criminal defense attorney, Jerry Theos. They appeared to be very friendly with the FBI. She came, “not to support the father of her children, but to watch me being handcuffed and taken to prison.”

June 27, 2019: Concocting Conspiracies

Kristin, not under a subpoena, but of her own accord, goes to the FBI to tell them many falsehoods about me with factually inaccurate statements to back them up. Lies upon lies. In this story I will only cover one of her false statements; Kristin is afraid I will flee the country with my children.

In this interview with the FBI, (see the Official FBI 302 Report here) it says:

“Amir has an American Passport and an Iranian Passport. Kristin is concerned he will flee prosecution and attempt to bring their children with him.”

FBI Official Record / Testimony of Kristin Golestan on June 27th, 2019

What I find interesting here is that:

  1. Kristin was not under a subpoena to testify for the indictment in connection to my business, Micfo. As the mother of my children, I must admit it kind of made my blood turn cold that she was willing to go to such lengths to have me erased from their lives completely, except for my financial support, of course.
  2. The timing of her claim was suspicious, as it was a few weeks after my Arraignment hearing in which Judge Mary Gordon Baker allowed me to retain my passport and travel internationally. Could it be that Kristin was unhappy that not only I was not incarcerated, but I was allowed to keep my passport and travel internationally?
  3. Kristin and Maria Averill were in possession of the children’s passports. How could I have fled the country without their passports? Was Kristin planning to help me commit this felony she was suggesting? I turned her down repeatedly, of course. I love my children!

August 30, 2019: Encouraging Me To Flee The Country

On one hand, Kristin fabricated false claims to the federal government that she fears I will flee with the children, on the other hand she repeatedly attempted to lure me with sexual favors into conspiring to commit a felony by attempting to flee the prosecution and leave the United States. Listen to our conversation:

In this audio recording you will hear her repeatedly encourage me to flee the country, saying “we have a dysfunctional love” and that she would bring the children to foreign countries where I would be hiding from law enforcement for the rest of my life. Does this seem normal to you?

Children of a Refugee

One can argue that Kristin was creating a plot against me to have me captured and imprisoned for breaking the law. Another might argue that Kristin is “ride or die” type of wife, and genuinely wanted me to flee the prosecution so that she too can tag along and bring me the children so we can have a fresh start somewhere else as refugees.

No matter which way you look at it, one should ask, how can Kristin be a good mother when she is knowingly plotting a campaign to put the father of her own children in prison? How can this person be a responsible mother for putting the lives of her innocent children at risk by suggesting to flee the country – even if her proposition was remotely true and genuine?

Oldest Trick in the Book: Propositioning Me to Have Sex in Exchange for the Money She Wants

In an attempt to convince me to flee the country, Kristin asked that we spend the night at The Dewberry Hotel “like the old days to settle and celebrate”. She said “You know you want to. Hate, rage, love sex? ” Let’s hear this directly from Kristin:

This is where those very negative feminine stereotypes that make modern women cringe, those millennia old stories of mendacious, untrustworthy sirens with no moral compass, those who are in it for the money, who prove unreliable, and use the promise of sex to entrap men into disaster, sometimes ending in death, come into play. In my family the woman are authentic, dignified, people of integrity. I guess I expected better.

Sex and Seduction

As is evident, Kristin encouraging me to have sex with her and flee the country wasn’t a one-time proposition. She repeatedly tried to convince me that if I want to see my children, fleeing the prosecution is my only viable option. When here in an earlier story I told you we were dealing with “Seduction” I wasn’t kidding! Here it is directly from horse’s mouth:

And why does she have to make derogatory remarks about the great people of South Carolina referring to them “Crazy Trump-Loving South Republicans”?

Fear of an Unfair Trial

As I repeatedly refused to flee, Kristin began using fear tactics, telling me that I won’t get a fair trial because I’m Iranian-Muslim:

Asking FBI to Allow Changing Her Last Name

As if that wasn’t enough, Kristin says that she always jokes around with SA Brian Womble that “if I actually give you anything (on Amir) will you let me change my last name and my children’s so I can not have a Scarlet Letter… for my Muslim boys“. Let’s listen to this, again, directly from Kristin:

What sort of relationship did she have with the lead FBI agent investigating my business that she was “always joking” and speaking to directly, as opposed to through her attorneys, which is the normal channel?

Has Kristin played the part of a consummate liar or cozy conspiracy theorist?

Who knows? But I can tell you that she confessed everything to me about her “conspiracy theories against you” because “we were at war.”

What makes this boudoir confession even more compelling for me is the events we touched base on that led to this conversation. Don’t just take my word for it. Please join Kristin and I in our cozy conversation at home together in September 2019, while we were fully reconciled for a month (read the story of our reconciliation here):

Just so you know, I’ve been investigated 3 times and the case has been closed 3 times with no wrongdoing found. But it’s an awfully juicy trump card to play, don’t you think? Go to the FBI about the brown Muslim Iranian-American? How easy would it be to take advantage of ignorant stereotypes during a sensitive time, politically, and to reap the benefits? I have to wonder.

Why would Kristin try to get me to commit a felony? How can the Court trust this kind of person with sole custody of my children?

Please scroll down to the comments below and share your point of view on this conniving confession. And again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! I don’t know how I could have made through all this without the love and support of my family and friends. This is the first step in our creating community around Helping Every Loving Parent (HELP) to spend time with their children. Every story is important.

Footnote: I’m telling my story, sharing this intimate evidence, to shine the light of truth on how the Charleston Family Court has allowed my children to be harmed, deprived of a loving father, and used as ransom. There is no evidence of any unloving, ungenerous, irresponsible behavior on my part – ever. I want to rescue my boys and to be the loving, stable father they need in their lives. Is this asking too much?

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  • This is unbelievable. How she can sleep at night seeing her kids being apart from their father and fabricating so much lie… how happy and excited are her voices, probably watching a lot of desperate housewives and American Realty shows. Literally she has torn apart the father and the innocents children because of her lies and the ignorant lawyer she has had. Where is justice. It has shattered my belief in American justice.

  • I’m not familiar with US laws but in Belgium if someone lies to police, they would face serious problems. I thought it would be the same in US.

    Isn’t there any sort of penalties or jail time for someone who lies to the FBI?

Written by Amir Golestan


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