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Life With Kristin Golestan: Her Addictions

This is the first post in this 5 part series, that takes a close look at what my marriage to Kristin Mehera Leiter Golestan was like. I’m sharing my experiences and evidence, all of which has already been shared with the Charleston Family Court, in hopes that it will show just how much Sky and Ford need to be with a stable parent, their loving Father, instead of a mother who is not up to the job of solo parenting.

Having done it myself with Sky for 2 years, I know exactly what kind of dedication and patience is involved. And I would love nothing better than to do it again with both boys.

The Dreams I Hoped For In My Life With Kristin

I’ve always been incredibly open when it comes to love, approaching relationships as though they were a rose-filled fantasy of eternal happiness. Need evidence of just how much of a romantic idealist I can be? Look at our engagement video!

I want to trust.

I tend to believe people’s intentions are good. In a close relationship, I assume those I love feel as much as I do. But—through all this I’ve come to realize that I need better boundaries. I had no boundaries when it comes to love! When I feel deeply, I want to give everything, without a thought. 

The thing is, I have had a tendency to idealize people. I ignored the negatives, and projected kinder and gentler personality traits than those actually being exhibited. I allowed my judgement to be clouded by my desires, throwing away my ability to see clearly, or be practical and realistic. At least I can thank Kristin for educating me on this life lesson of discernment and boundaries in love.

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When I was 29 years old…

I thought that love was all about taking care of your partner, making their dreams come true, while justifying, ignoring and taking the blame for things my partner did. I had to learn about self-love and self-awareness. When you are not self-aware, when you don’t really have self-love… you neglect yourself.

Unfortunately, this is the very kind of personality that predatory people seek to take advantage of. No wonder Kristin fought so hard to get me back, even to the point of lying about life and death matters. In the same way she’s lying and fighting to get every dime I’ve ever earned, using my love for our children against me, as you will see in a moment.

I had completely lost myself taking care of everyone else’s needs and feelings. I had gotten to the point, many times, where I hadn’t even been able to say what I was feeling. I ignored every red flag my estranged wife, Kristin Golestan, flew

Red Flag #1: Kristin had alcohol and drug dependency issues. 

How did this show up in our life together?

She would hide her alcohol bottles.

Kristin was an excessive drinker. She would hide her empty bottles and glasses so I wouldn’t see them and call her out on her drinking problems.

Watch this video from 12/2018, a few short days before Kristin filed for divorce. As is evident, Kristin would leave empty bottles of alcohol in the fridge bar with their cap on to create an illusion that the bottles are actually untouched. You can see more here.

No Motivation

She jumped from project to project, without ever finishing anything. Nothing around the house ever got done. Any house we ever shared was a constant cluster mess, even with housekeepers and babysitters, even with me coming home from a long day at the office to take care of the children and the household.

An Avoidably Weakened Immune System

She got sick a lot, and while I was happy to take care of her, it quickly became very clear that it was her lifestyle and alcohol and drug dependency issues that caused her frequent illnesses.  Drug and alcohol addictions make you sick.

What I now realize? I was unhappy in our marriage almost from Day 1. I tried so hard to make things work to keep a stable home for my children, but at some point I realized that getting a divorce was the healthiest thing for my children and me.

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What about you? What do you think about the wine video where there was clearly deception involved? Is this the kind of behavior you would want to come home to after a long day earning the money to support your family? I tried so hard to make things work to keep a stable home for my children.

Amir Golestan and Sky - Washington DC

Please scroll down to the comments below and share your point of view on this tragic situation. And again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! I don’t know how I could have made through all this without the love and support of my family and friends. This is the first step in our creating community around Helping Every Loving Parent (HELP) to spend time with their children. Every story is important.

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