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Harvard Graduate Attorney Claims Iranian Muslims Rape Their Daughters

Marie Louise Ramsdale is a managing partner of Ramsdale Family Law Firm, a leading South Carolina firm. She is a Harvard Law School graduate, an esteemed member of the South Carolina Bar, and well-known in the Charleston Family Court. She represented my estranged wife, Kristin Golestan as her divorce attorney.

Are there standards of professionalism members of the South Carolina Bar agree to uphold?

Yes! The South Carolina Bar lists 10 principles of professional conduct. # 6 is key:

“A lawyer should avoid all rude, disruptive and abusive behavior and should, at all times, act with dignity, decency and courtesy consistent with any appropriate response to such conduct by others and a vigorous and aggressive assertion to appropriately protect the legitimate interests of a client.”

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What does a Family Law attorney help clients with?

According to the South Carolina Bar, family law covers pretty much what you’d expect, marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships, divorce, alimony, child custody, child support. In other words, all the things that most deeply affect children and their wellbeing.

As I said above, Marie-Louise Ramsdale, Esq. represented my estranged wife, Kristin M. Golestan. According to Kristin, Ms. Ramsdale told her that:

“…You are lucky you have boys, cause if they were girls your (Iranian-Muslim) husband would rape them… it’s part of the culture…”

Let’s hear this statement directly from Kristin Golestan:

In what way is that a “dignified, courteous” statement? 

Marie Louise Ramsdale

Aside from exhibiting some sick and crazy beliefs about Iranian-Muslim fathers according to her client Kristin, Marie-Louise Ramsdale knowingly ran up our legal fees by hundreds of thousands of dollars despite Kristin acknowledging back in August of 2019 that they knew all along I had no money left. Kristin also told me that Marie-Louise Ramsdale blocked Kristin’s calls and making sure all contact went through the paralegal, rather than Ms. Ramsdale While charging $450.00 an hour!

Have you ever heard of the “Unclean Hands” doctrine?

Legally, ‘unclean hands’ doctrine is a defense to a complaint, which means that a party who is asking for equity cannot have the help of the court if he/she has done anything unethical in relation to the subject of the litigation. If a defendant can show the plaintiff had “unclean hands,” the plaintiff’s complaint will be dismissed or the plaintiff will be denied judgment.

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Rule to Show Cause

Back in August of 2019, Kristin filed a Rule to Show Cause and asked the South Carolina Family Court to incarcerate me for 1 year, for being unable to pay $650,000.00 in her legal fees to Ramsdale Family Law Firm. I believe the court erred and abused its discretion by finding me in contempt, and ordered me to pay her legal fees within 60 days or get incarcerated until the full amount is paid. Last time I checked, you can’t make money in prison.

Within few hours of the ruling, Kristin confessed that they knew I didn’t have any money left:

“We knew you had no money left. We know all your records… we just wanted to use this to go after the houses.”

Kristin Golestan / August 30th, 2019

Let’s hear this statement directly from Kristin Golestan:

Despite Ms. Ramsdale and Kristin knowing I didn’t have the means to pay these outrageous fees, in October of 2019, they moved before the court for an order to issue a warrant to the Sheriff’s Department to have me incarcerated. For this reason, and among others, I filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, which essentially stays all civil litigations. (I will be covering this story more in depth in upcoming posts).

I have to wonder if this complies with the South Carolina Bar’s 5th Principle, which is:
“… to assure the just, prompt and economically efficient determination and resolution of every controversy …”

Is Ms. Ramsdale the kind of person you think should be guiding the fate of families in distress?

Do you think it’s ‘professional’ to destroy a family’s hard-earned wealth, gut a family’s legacy, siphon off a child’s future?

And I also had to ask myself:

What kind of mother willingly participates in this?

This was at Kristin’s and our children’s expense. I have to wonder, what kind of mother colludes in the destruction of her own and her children’s financial future? Who is Kristin Mehera Leiter Golestan, really?

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Please scroll down to the comments below and share your point of view on this painful situation. And again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! I don’t know how I could have made through all this without the love and support of my family and friends. This is the first step in our creating community around Helping Every Loving Parent (HELP) to spend time with their children. Every story is important.

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  • No culture has a monopoly on depravity and child abuse. I have seen it in European and specifically majority Christian cultures as well (witness the Catholic Church child abuse scandals). There is nothing about the Muslim Faith or the Persian culture that mandates or encourages filial rape or child abuse. I say this as a Jew and a scholar of religion. Shame on you, Ms. Ramsdale. Is this the best that Harvard Law can offer? Shame on them, too.

  • Marie,
    You see your own reflection in others . You most probably have had a disturbing past. Did your father sexually harass you ? Did your father RAPE you ? How did you even get a degree ? How did you get in to @harvard ?

    In our country Christian fathers rape their daughters, priests rape kids… where the hell are you coming from?!

    As a Christian person who has traveled the world I know what a wonderful people Muslims are. Don’t believe in what you see on fox , travel the world and see how middle easterners are. Or travel to Midwest and see how many father rape their daughters in our own country and then be the judge.

  • I just can’t wrap my head around why someone would make such an insensible and disrespectful remark about the Muslim world! What’s even worse? A mother actively participating in destruction of her children’s future.

    Has the court seen or heard any of these tape recordings?

  • I truly wonder how much you know about Amir Golestan? Making a comment about Iranian Muslims rape their kids is terrible. If Amir was your son would you have made a comment like this? Do you have the statistics about other religions? If Amir was Jewish or Christian would you have dared to make a comment like this? I do not think you would dare to say anything negative about Christians or Jewish religions. You truly owe Amir and rest of the Iranian Muslims an apology. Amir is such a loving father , such a beautiful person in and out , you could learn a lot from him being a good person. Before you make any horrible comment about any race try to understand their culture.

    You remind me of Harlan Ellison who said “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

  • Hello Marie,
    My name is Jahangir. I am so surprised to read about your comments that Iranian Muslim Rape their daughters. Have you lived in Iran, or have you lived in Middle East, or do you have a close Muslim friends? This is so wrong and rude to make a statement like this. I am sure it has happened but you can not generalize such a statement, like me saying a rude comments about American people. You can find good and bad people everywhere. I have to let you know that I know Amir Golestan for over the last 22 years. He is a great father and a loving person. I think what is missing is lack of knowledge about Iranian and Middle Eastern people. Please watch few of my films about Iranian cultures @

    Also Amir should be able to visit his kids without any restrictions. We all can learn from Amir how to be a good father. He is very caring person and loving person. He has a lot of experience in his life he has travelled a lot. The best thing one could do is to travel and learn about other cultures.

Written by Amir Golestan


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