Amir Golestan - My Career Story

My Career Story

Building My Career

In 1999, at the age of 16, I started Micfo from my bedroom in Dubai. Micfo provided an array of web hosting solutions to individuals and small businesses, worldwide.

Amir Golestan in Dubai (1999)

As business kicked off, I decided to drop out of high-school and focus full-time on growing Micfo.

It paid off! Self-funded from the beginning, by 2007 Micfo had 200 employees and 2 call centers servicing 70,000 websites and customers from 180+ countries world-wide. That same year I was able to secure my first enterprise customer, opening my eyes to a whole new market.

In 2008 I decided to divest a big portion of my basic web hosting service customers in order to focus on enterprise customers. This led to my move in 2010 to New York City. I leased an office space at 154 Grand Street, the flagship for wework, then the global pioneer of co-working spaces. It made perfect sense, as I had secured the domain name for wework founders Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey.

In 2011, expanded Micfo’s US presence in the southeast by opening an office in Atlanta, GA and securing a second datacenter location.

Thinking Globally

Things really took off in 2014, when Micfo’s market differentiation strategy evolved through a thoughtful and planned expansion of scalable and geo-centric infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms and services. Starting in 2015, Micfo expanded rapidly, adding locations over the next few years in London (UK), Bucharest (RO), Sydney (AU), Shanghai (CH), Seoul (SK), and across the United States. By mid-2018, Micfo had a presence in 55 locations across 5 continents, with 38 of those U.S.-based. Micfo owned 55% of the global market share of the VPN sector, placing Micfo in the top 1,000 networks globally pushing 4Tbp/s of traffic. We opened our engineering office in the Gangnam District of Seoul, hiring great engineers from global companies such as LG, Samsung, and Google. By 2019, Micfo had generated interest from various investment banks, including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, who were eager to invest in Micfo’s future and technology.

Acting Locally

To further expand Micfo’s presence in the Southeastern U.S., Micfo opened an office in Charleston, SC, and our family relocated there. In 2015, we purchased a historic office building in the French Quarter district of Charleston, pledging to contribute to the local economy by hiring locally; in 2017 we purchased another Charleston building, and by early 2019, we had hired 40 employees, mainly local to the Charleston area.

Family, Team Oriented, Free Snacks, Passion

These are a few terms Micfo employees use here. This is the kind of environment that makes me, Amir Golestan, proud to be the founder and CEO of Micfo.

Micfo believes in giving back. We use a variety of local businesses to support its operations. We want to maintain a healthy and vibrant community that will continue to attract investment and talent to the area.

Written by Amir Golestan


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