Amir Golestan and His Boys

I’m Amir Golestan. And This is My Story.

This blog is my story.

I’m Amir Golestan. And this is my story about extortion, seduction, indictment, bankruptcy, racial and religious bias, and worst of all, greed holding my children captive. They expected me to fold. To give up. What they have all underestimated is my devotion to my children.

Labor of love.

This labor of love is my story centering around my absolutely astonishing experiences with the South Carolina Family Court system over the past few years. You will be able to verify and examine every step of the way. Because it is true.

You will see how I go through all the proper channels.

I hired and dealt with attorneys, law enforcement, the courts, state, and federal agencies. But somehow, whether out of incompetence, ignorance, or animus, I was ignored every single time. Could it be that this has to do with the fact that I’m an Iranian-American Muslim? When you listen to my recordings, when you read my evidence, much of it Public Record, when you reflect on what’s happened here, I’d love to know what your experiences are and what you think.

Why share my painful journey?

The thing is, this case for my children Sky and Ford is the dearest thing, not only to my heart, but also to the hearts of every member of my extensive, close knit family who live all over the world. Just in terms of cousins, I have 40 of them, spread out in other parts of the U.S. as well as in Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Netherlands, Australia, Dubai, and Iran. Keeping everybody updated is emotionally draining. I miss my children so much. So I’m using this blog as a kind of family communication system, keeping us all in the loop while we long for the day when I can be a huge part of my children’s lives once more. You can read the story of my upbringing here (about Amir Golestan).

My hope is to help other loving parents like myself who have lost access to their beloved children. My goal is the reclamation of my sons, Sky and Ford, whom I love and cherish beyond anything else in my life.

What would I like to achieve?

I know there are many equally passionate and dedicated fathers and mothers out there struggling to reclaim children they have lost for reasons unrelated to their fitness as parents.

My deepest wish is that we can create a world, together, where all loving, attentive parents receive the same treatment in our Family Court systems, irrespective of their gender, race, culture or religion.

How am I shaping tomorrow’s generation?

I’m starting this platform to help build a better future for all parents. I believe I can do this by sharing my own journey to regain custody of my darling sons as a way to bring to light issues that are crucial not only to families, but to our whole society.

I want to build a community of parents who have gone unheard, despite tons of verifiable evidence to support their stance as a loving, able parent who simply wants to love their children, to be in their lives, supporting, encouraging, guiding them, as all good parents do.

My Prayer

May all children caught between two parents and the Legal System experience unconditional love by all parties. May all children be fully supported to have their particular needs honored by their parents and our Legal System. May all children feel to the core of their beings how adored and valued they are simply for being who they are. May all children be reunited with their loving, supportive parents in wonderful ways.

I’m Amir Golestan. And this is my story.

Written by Amir Golestan


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