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Who is Kristin Mehera Leiter Golestan?

I certainly can’t say I know everything about the Mother of my children, Kristin Golestan, the woman I was so head over heels in love with that I even had an engagement video made.

Eight years ago I never dreamed I would be here, writing about my experiences and evidence of her as a mother,

Kristin Golestan has said repeatedly that she’s suicidal and hates living. A mother who has hidden beer bottles and a corkscrew wine bottle opener among our children’s stuffed animals, so I wouldn’t see them and call out Kristin on her alcohol and drug dependency problem (see here). A mother who falsely labeled our oldest son, Sky, as Autistic because she said she had been advised by her legal counsel that Family Courts tend to give sole custody to mothers with children with disabilities.

Please listen to this recording where Kristin confirms to me that Sky does not have Autism, but she’s labeling him Autistic to make the Guardian Ad Litem Maria Averill happy:

As a result of this, Sky is receiving 60 hours a month in ABA therapy for a condition he does not have. I continue to wonder, what kind of a mother would knowingly harm her own child to advance her agenda?

This same mother with documented incidents of child negligence (see here), would give our youngest son, Ford, her prescription bottles full of Controlled Substances to keep him entertained instead of engaging with him or giving him one of his toys. This same mother who has traded Schedule II controlled substance without prescription for money, payment towards cable bills during her single days, or in exchange for exam answers of nursing school.

You can imagine my shock and horror at discovering these sights below:

The Charleston Family Court and the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) who are tasked with doing what’s in the best interest of the children, refused to consider any of my evidence.

There’s so much about my experiences with Kristin as a mother that I want to share. This is only the beginning of my story with her. I wish her well and a blessed, healthy life in every way. I just need to tell my story about what life was like for me and my children, living with her during those years.

“I want to build a community of parents who have gone unheard, despite tons of verifiable evidence to support their stand as a loving, able parent who simply wants to love their children, to be in their lives, supporting, encouraging, guiding them, as all good parents do.”

Amir Golestan / July 2020

The Series: Life with Kristin Golestan

As promised, I’m continuing this, telling my story about my experiences and evidence concerning the mother of my children who has sole custody for reasons I simply cannot understand.

A five (5) part series that takes a close look at what my marriage to Kristin Golestan was like. I’m sharing my experiences and evidence, all of which has already been shared with the Charleston Family Court, in hopes that it will show just how much Sky and Ford need to be with a stable parent, their loving Father, instead of a mother who is not up to the job of solo parenting. Please have a look at these follow up posts that dive deeper:

[Part 1]: Life With Kristin Golestan: Her Addictions

[Part 2]: Life With Kristin Golestan: Abortions I Never Wanted

[Part 3]: Life with Kristin Golestan: An Affair I Remember

[Part 4]: Kristin Golestan, Fully Staffed Yet Overwhelmed Mother

[Part 5]: Emotional Abandonment: Life As Kristin Golestan’s Children

What about you? Have you been impacted by a Family Court circumstance like mine?

Amir Golestan and His Sons in Lake Como

Please scroll down to the comments below and share your point of view on this tragic situation. And again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! I don’t know how I could have made through all this without the love and support of my family and friends. This is the first step in our creating community around Helping Every Loving Parent (HELP) to spend time with their children. Every story is important.

Footnote: I’m telling my story, sharing this intimate evidence, to shine the light of truth on how the Charleston Family Court has allowed my children to be harmed, deprived of a loving father, and used as ransom. There is no evidence of any unloving, ungenerous, irresponsible behavior on my part – ever. I want to rescue my boys and to be the loving, stable father they need in their lives. Is this asking too much?

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  • This is truly a bitter sweet story. You’re a very strong person that you’ve been able to go through all of the pain.

    Stay strong

  • I feel bad for you. I hate to say it but this is what happens – Muslim/ middle eastern guy becomes wealthy – finds a white bimbo with no morals and ends up marrying her. This is what happens when you marry someone who doesn’t know GOD. I saw the engagement video, you could tell that she was a shallow person with no substance . That didn’t seem like love to me. It seem like you wanted to marry a white girl and she wanted a rich man. She didn’t seem like anything special. Sorry, I might sound a little harsh but it is the truth. 🤷‍♀️ Best of luck to you from this witch.

  • I’m so disturbed, and deeply saddened for what you and your kids are going thru. Is there anyway this can be taken to higher courts?

  • Please Lord give my treasured Amir interminable affection and love. Bring contentment in his life; Comfort him in times of trouble. Always keep him safe, and secure. Lord, I pray my dear Amir will be close to you, everlastingly.

    My dear Amir,
    Even though he trusted God completely, Jacob behaved as any father would in the same circumstances. He was overcome with grief and wept uncontrollably. He remembered Joseph, and wept until he became ill and lost his sight. The brothers were concerned about his pain and sorrow and questioned his constant grief. They asked him, “Will you cry until the day you die?” Jacob answered that he only complained of his grief and sorrow to God and that he (Jacob) knew, from God, things that they did not. (Quran 12:86)

    Some words from me:
    For people of faith, prayer has constantly been the most natural solution. No matter how calamitous the circumstances, we know that God, our ever present spring of strength in times of requirement, will listen to the prayers we represent for a relative. Things may not happen instantaneously just after every prayer. Often, God is arranging for something better to come. After any prayers, have a strong forbearance to wait for the miracles to happen. And during the times of your forbearance, inquire God to change you, and fill you so that you will be prepared for whatever that God has deliberated for you. One of the most significant ways to win in life, irrespective of whether it is with you or not, is to let go of the past. As you are paralyzed by your past, you are not able to move forward to a better future. Thus, pray and ask God to dismiss you from your past, permit you to let go and move forward. You can pray for anything since God is almighty. Pray for Him to protect your emotions and lead you through hard times when you are most in need.

    Life is a journey with ups and downs. Wish you the deepest kind wills in my heart dear. Truly He! Only He is the All Knowing, the All-Wise.” (Quran 12:98-100). Don’t forget son!

  • It is mindboggling to read this story and not shed a tear. With all the evidence visible, how come the court did not side with the father?

  • Amir joon
    You are definitely a very good father
    I hope you will soon be able to see your children
    Its a natural and legal right for a father to see her children
    Be strong 💙

  • There is a certain level of respect that is expected from strangers, but this loathsome piece of human trash; Timothy H Pogue would have lost respect from any sane person. It is a downright injustice that someone as caring and earnest as Amir has been treated like this. It is a shame that the justice system has not evolved and continues to treat anyone foreign or not white as less than human. Amir cannot even visit his kids because of something as petty, trivial and childish as not celebrating Christmas. Not only have the judge and Kristin practiced blatant xenophobia, they have also ruined what little stability the kids had in their life by pulling them away from the selfless, overachiever that is Amir and giving them to an incredibly insufferable, inconsiderate and inferior monster.

  • It is absolutely abhorrent and disgusting how Amir’s life has been ruined, especially after he worked himself to the bone to live the American dream. Ironic how it got ruined by an American system ripping his kids away from him and smearing dirt on the reputation of Muslims across the world.

  • Life, for sure, never gets anyone’s entire thoughtfulness. As sleep is indispensable to our physiology, so children seems crucial to our spiritual economy. Never is this easy for words, no matter what kind, not mending any dads’ heartache as the absence of some being so engrained in. I am so saddened to be heard of you struggling with such…. . Wishing you strength and peace during this hard time dear Amir. May the sorrow you feel in your heart be lightened by the love that surrounds you-The Lord.

  • You are definitely a very good father and i hope you will soon have the right to be legal and see your children

  • Amir you , your sister and brother have such good family values and are so family oriented and warms at heart . I just can not believe what I’m reading here this is so schocking. Stay strong

Written by Amir Golestan


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